Japanese Writing Lab #3: how do I study Japanese?

More information at Japanese Writing Lab #3.



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10 thoughts on “Japanese Writing Lab #3: how do I study Japanese?

  1. 1)Not sure if you need ”は” from “3年間には”. It sounds like you are excluding the other time before that.
    2) “下記” => “下記の方法” is easier to understand。
    3) Not sure what “簡単でわなくて” means. Can you explain?
    4) Again, “は” is a bit awkward here: “昼休みには使っている”.
    5) “一日当たり新しい単語を十つ単語が勉強しようとします”
    Since you are using “する”, the particle “を” is more appropriate than “が” here.
    I.e. “一日当たり新しい単語を十つ単語を勉強しようとします”
    6) “日本語の本やマンガは小さいコレクションが集めます”
    Not sure what you mean here. Maybe ”。。。を集めています”?
    7) “「よつばと」や「ドラえもん」や「スーパーマリオくん」というマンガを数本を読めました”
    The last をhere should be omitted, leaving:
    7) “私の夢は宮崎駿の「風の谷のナウシカ」を読めるのことと思います”
    Get rid of the last “の” here.
    8) “最近「ワンパンマン」を見て楽しました”
    Since you are talking about “最近”, it sounds better to use present tense =>
    9) “最近、日本のニンテンドー3DSを買いまして”
    “最近、日本のニンテンドー3DSを買って” is fine.
    10) “溶解ウォッチ” should be “妖怪ウォッチ”
    11) “来月大学に4週間クラスを始まります”
    I think this is maybe better: “来月,大学の4週間クラスが始まります”


  2. By the way, did you get my comments on this article? I sent them last week but I don’t see them here. I’m not sure if you just didn’t show them or if something happened to them. Thanks!


      1. Sorry, not sure what happened to them. It seems there is a bug with WordPress where sometimes comments with Japanese don’t get posted properly. They were quite long but will try to type up some again later.


  3. > 3年間には色々な方法で日本語を勉強しているが、今下記を使っている。

    Here, simply “3年間,” sounds better, or if you are talking about the last 3 years, “ここ3年間”.


    What did you mean by “でわなくて”? Maybe “ではなくて”? If so, then “簡単じゃないけど、効果的…” is better since it is a contrast.

    > たいてい平日当たり1時間に勉強します。下記の課題を勉強しています。

    You can remove the “に” after “1時間””

    > 一日当たり新しい単語を十つ単語が勉強しようとします。

    “を” instead of ”が” for the object of studying. Actually you already have を here, so just drop the が. You can say



    Use を before 集める for the object instead of が.

    Drop the を after “数本”

    > 私の夢は宮崎駿の「風の谷のナウシカ」を読めるのことと思います。

    drop の before こと

    > 先週に彼の「海街diary」という映画を見ました。この映画はマンガを改作したもので、あのマンガを読みたいです。

    You can say “〜という漫画が原作で” to mean the movie was based on that manga.

    > 最近、日本のニンテンドー3DSを買いまして、「溶解ウォッチ」というゲームを遊んでいます。

    The 〜まして form isn’t that common and sounds very polite. You can just say “買って” ere.

    > 楽しいで、日本語を読まないといけないです!

    Maybe you meant “楽しくて”

    > 来月大学に4週間クラスを始まります。後でもっと長いクラスを取るかもしれないです。他に人と話すのはいいことでしょう。


    かもしれないです => かもしれません sounds better


  4. Did you get the comment I just sent with many corrections? I didn’t show up so I tried to submit again, but now it says “duplicate content”. Maybe you have to approve it for me to see it? If you got multiple you can just delete one and approve the other. Thanks


    1. malcolmafraser

      Hi – I’ve just found your comments – they had been put in Spam for some reason, and I’ve only just realised there is a Spam folder. I’m very sorry!

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